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Opening Ceremony of 2019 Program

Release Time: 2019-07-09      Browse:1391

The opening ceremony began at exactly 8:30am with the group photo session. Under a bright sunny morning, the participants and resource persons gathered to take the 2019 Xiamen Academy of international Law group photo. After the photo session followed the welcome speeches and exchange of pleasantries.


The moderator of the ceremony Prof. Chia-Jui Cheng who is the Secretary - General of the Curatorium of the Xiamen Academy of International Law began with his welcome note. He duly welcomed all gathered and introduced all the distinguished guests and speakers. He emphasized their qualifications and worth as well their impact to the general development of international law. The General Secretary then further gave a brief history of the Xiamen Academy of International Law and the current disposition of international law and relations across the globe. He ended by appreciating all gathered especially those who had arrived after long travels.


The first welcome speech was by the Co-President of the Xiamen Academy of international Law, Prof. Zeng Huaqun. He duly acknowledged the support of the government of China and expressed his immense appreciation to all who helped in making the academy a success. He also made mention of the three main reasons why the academy is one of the leading academies in the field of law. Prof. Zeng highlighted that the academy makes use of promising scholars, engages promising students and is also situated in a favorable location. He emphasized the relevance of the academy and how all gathered were essential to its success. Highlighting the successes of the Xiamen University in recent times, he encouraged participants to engage in the international discourse that will go on and enjoy the city.


The second welcome speaker was the Vice Dean of Xiamen Law school, Prof. Zhu Xiaoqin. She fore-mostly threw the spotlight on the excellence of the Law scholl and its rank among the top 10 universities in China. The Vice Dean then gave an overview of the courses of the Xiamen University Law school and encouraged the participants to apply to the Xiamen Law school. She then ended with very warm regards from the faculty of of the Xiamen Law school.


The moderator then went on to invite the various distinguished guests to give their opening notes. First was the Director General of the department of Treaty and Law under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Mr. Jia Guide. The Director General began with a short quiz to the effect of alerting all present to listen attentively. He then went on to highlight actions by the government in the field of internal law and recent activities to this effect. Emphasizing on the belt and road initiative and the community of the shared interest, he clearly stated China’s interest in the development of international law. He ended with warm greeting and duly welcomed all gathered.


Next was Prof. Ruth Wedgwood of Johns Hopkins University in the USA. She expressed her long affiliation with China since childhood and her delight to be here at the academy. Prof. Ruth went on to speak about contemporary international law happenings and its major challenges in modern times. She literally highlighted the importance of China in recent global development and encouraged participants to be exceptional. Hitting on what makes us different in the academic arena, she ended by once again encouraging all especially the women to stand out.


Going forward, the Moderator invited Prof. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes of the University of Geneva in Switzerland for her opening note. She joyfully highlighted the close relationship between The Hague Academy and the Xiamen Academy of International Law. She further spoke of her dedication to the development of international law and how the rule of law is of importance at this point and age of global existence. Prof. Laurence ended by touching on what is needed going forward for international law and what she will be highlighting during her session.


Last but not the least was the Prof. Shinya Murase of Sophia University in Japan. He spoke on his role as a visiting professor in Beijing and how dispute settlement should be of relevance to all gathered. Prof. Shinya did not hesitate to mention the excellence of Chinese students in the Moot Court competitions and how he had informed certain decisions back in Japan after his encounter with the Chinese students as a judge in the recent competition. He ended on the note of how important international law was and entreated all gathered to seek its development.


Ending the first session of engagements, the moderator invited the Secretary-General of the administrative Council of the Xiamen Academy Prof. Chen Huiping to give the work report of the organizing team. She began by highlighting the main focus of the Xiamen Academy. She emphasized the purpose of the Academy to build scholars all around the world and contribute to the development of international law. She further entreated the support of all gathered and major institutions around the world to keep the Academy as a crucial part of the development of international law. Bringing a deeper understanding to the focus of the Academy, the Secretary-General highlighted the ability of the academy to engage nine ICJ judges and distinguished resource persons as it has published educational and informative materials over its fourteen years of existence. She ended by saying that the Academy is not only proud of its speakers but also its participants and entreated all gathered to march on to greatness.


The moderator then ended the opening ceremony by announcing the speaker for the opening lecture and encouraged all to be on time as the look forward to amazing sessions ahead.

Reported by Perry Ackon